WPDA For WordPress

/> DirectAdmin For WordPress

Welcome to Project DirectAdmin, with thanks to the team & community  over at DA for there extended support with WPDA!

Requires WordPress v6.0 or higher

Quick & Easy install with WordPress plugins manager, hook into and extend easily with action_hooks

Automatic updates served to your plugin helps keep your plugin fresh and upto date. New features published daily.

Control all your DirectAdmin servers under one roof. Keep on top of your servers and network status with WPDA.


We valaue your feedback and input into the WPDA for WordPress project. Take a look around our community forum for help, advice & to input your own ideas.



£ 0.00
  • Automatic Updates
  • Manage A Single Server
  • Unlimited Users

Download WPDA For WordpPress


PRO Pack

£ 10.00
  • SMS Notifications
  • Power Management
  • Services Management

Unlock WPDA PRO Features



£ 39.00 / yr
  • Automatic Updates
  • Includes PRO Pack
  • Unlimited Servers

Includes Dedicated Support & Install

/> DirectAdmin For WordPress

  • Hooks & Shortcodes

    Easily add users domains or statistics etc to your pages with [shortcodes], 'hook' into our application with your own scripts, snippets or code.

  • Automated Features

    User/Admin notifications when users add new domains or reach package limits or disk space. Admin notifications when services go offline or rebooted and more.

  • Billing Integration

    Hook into WooCommerce products and subscriptions to sell hosting packages, auto suspend on subscription failures or cancellations etc.

  • Multiple Servers

    Connect multiple servers to your plugin, monitor all there services, domains and accounts from your WordPress.
    Auto load balance accounts over your servers and more.

  • Automatic Updates

    Stay upto date, secure modern and fresh with our developers pushing out updates almost every day! Get live updates from your wordpress plugins manager.

  • PRO Features

    Unlock PRO features such as SMS notifications and backup manager from as little as a one-time £10.00 fee. Included with any PAID licence